NEW: Lost Luna “Shadow Play” EP + merch bundles!

Today, my solo project Lost Luna releases its first EP “Shadow Play”. Home-recorded during the covid-19 lockdown and completely DIY in every sense of the word, the EP offers a mix of lo-fi discopunk and alternative rock songs about the beauty industry, racism during the pandemic, and feeling alienated at work.

“Shadow Play” is available on Bandcamp to listen to for free and as a digital download. There are also merch bundles including zines, postcards, and buttons for sale.
Enjoy listening!

Listen on Bandcamp

Read more on ECHO’s blog

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Lost Luna “Shadow Play” EP + merch out soon

I just finished recording and mixing the songs of my EP “Shadow Play”. It will be released on Bandcamp on April 2nd as a digital album with merch bundle options.

Do you want to read more about the long journey behind the EP? Find out on my Echo Zines blog.

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Analog 4 track recorder for home recording

I dug up my old analog 4-track tape recorder! Isn’t she a beauty? 🙂 I used to record demo songs on it but haven’t listened to them in ages. Almost tempted to use this to record new songs but digital is so much easier. I haven’t listened back to my old recordings but I’m curious now…

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Making zines and music

I love making both music and zines… This drawing was created for my zine series Same Heartbeats. Find out more about my zines in my Echo Zines catalogue.

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Bandcamp days… what are you listening to?

This Friday there is another Bandcamp day (every first Friday of the month, doesn’t charge its artists and bands a fee for music/merch sales). Which artists and bands have you supported in the past few months on Bandcamp day?
Lately, I’m really into the solo project She Makes War / Penfriend (Penfriend is the name name) from the UK and I’m looking forward to Friday so I can buy some more of their music. ???? The music is amazing, a mix of witchy melancholy and guitar-driven altrock tunes, with a diverse range of instruments including electric guitar, ukulele, harp, and electronic sounds. Another thing I like about this solo project is that the artist behind it makes zines and podcasts too in which she unravels a lot about her songwriting and recording process. I absolutely love this and get very inspired by it.

Some other artists and bands on Bandcamp that I totally recommend include Passionless Pointless (grunge-noise-punk), Petrol Girls (anarchapunk/hc), Down the Lees (emocore/indierock), The Juliana Hatfield Three (indiepop/rock), Aptera (doom metal), and Jess Coram (grunge). Can’t wait to explore more and hope that these Bandcamp Fridays continue in 2021!

PS. sneaky band publicity: Lavender Witch
is also on Bandcamp!


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Pedal power

Playing with my guitar pedals to create strange sounds, in this case putting some effects on the drum beats produced by SDRUM.

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Hi there!

This blog tells the story of Lost Luna, a one-grrrl music project!

Welcome & enjoy!


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